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Veterinary Hospital Services

At Maroa Track Pet Hospital we offer a wide range of veterinary services to keep your pets feeling and looking their best. If we can’t help your pet with a particular problem we will find a specialist who can.

Check-ups and screening blood work allows us to catch problems early, enabling us to intervene quicker which improves outcomes.  

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Our pets live relatively short lifespans and undergo a lot of changes in the course of a year.

Annual physical exams help keep your furry friends healthy and happy.

  1. Routine wellness – Our animal hospital provides physical exam, pet vaccinations, puppy and kitten packages, microchips, screening snap tests, flea and heartworm prevention and education, in-house laboratory and send out blood to reference labs for detailed results.

  2. Pet dental care – Dogs and cats get dental problems like we do. They get dental tartar more than us especially smaller size dogs. We do everything from oral mass removals to complicated extractions to routine cleaning and polishing. Our prices are better than most of other clinics in the town!

  3. Animal Dermatology – Checking lumps, allergy control and education, serum allergy testing, in-house cytology and send out for complicated ones, ear cleaning, deep ear cleaning under anesthesia or sedation. We do bathing; anal glands expression and nail trim for your pet.

  4. Emergency Vet - Our animal hospital provides veterinary emergency services at regular prices even during weekends!

  5. Veterinary Internal Medicine – Digital radiography, limited in-house ultrasound, blood work, hospitalization, parvovirus care. We can handle a wide range of cases. We do not push diagnostic tests until needed. We make sure client is satisfied!

  6. Pet Pharmacy-We have in-house stock of medications (including flea, tick and heartworm prevention meds). Also we can write prescriptions as needed.

  7. Pet Surgery – We do all sorts of surgeries including spay, neuter, cesarean section, mass removals, emergency surgery, laceration repair, gastrointestinal surgery, some orthopedic procedures

  8. Animal Health Certificates - Call today if you’ve got an upcoming trip and will be needing a health certificate so that we can make sure to start the process at the proper time.

  9. Veterinary Geriatric Medicine – Pain management options and education about how to help your pet age. Blood work screening for different health parameters, thyroid testing, ECG and blood pressure monitoring.

  10. Euthanasia – We know it’s a tough decision, so we provide client counseling regarding quality of pet life. During euthanasia, we make sure pet is very comfortable and client gets enough time to adjust with the change (In-home euthanasia available depending on our schedule). We provide options of private or group cremation and paw prints.

I have been very pleased with the care and love all my animals have received from Dr. Kumar. He is very quick and attentive to every issue. I was so worried when my Husky, Sebastian suddenly began limping, but Dr. Kumar made me feel better by explaining exactly what was going on and what the next steps were. I was impressed with how quick he came up with a treatment plan and I felt like my dog was his priority. Sebastian is doing so much better now thanks to Dr. Kumar.
— Shaamli


Scratchpay offers simple and affordable payment plans for large veterinary bills.  Finding your payment plan does not affect your credit, it takes just a couple of minutes to apply, and can be done from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

For more information about Scratchpay or to check your rate click here: https://scratchpay.com